Lindsay Wisecup is a metalsmith instructor, independent artist, , and creative professionalwho resides in Dallas, Texas. She began her journey in 2009 with a passion for discovery, experimentation, and fire on a crowded workbench in a very messy garage.

After 5 years teaching beginning to advanced jewelry making and wirework at The Artful Bead she then went on to instruct privately and in workshops around the country. Today, she maintains a position in the arts community as a jewelry fabrication and workshop instructor for the Craft Guild of Dallas. Having previously held the position of Coordinator for the non-profit arts education facility, she had a unique blend of orginazational and creative skills that have enabled her to successfully supervise projects, events, and art exhibitions with delight and success.

Whenever she's not persuing continuing education workshops in fabrication and design for herself, she spends most of her free time finding ways to visit places she's never been, reading, yoga, backpacking, & taking walks with her (very) active Australian shepherd.

For more information, please feel free to contact her at lindsaywisecupjewelry@gmail.com or visit my complete LinkedIn profile HERE.

*photo credit Marilyn O'Hara & Kara Edwards


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